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Blast From the Past


Vikki Carr and President Ford, November 12, 1974 

Above photo courtesy Leo Miletich 

Vikki Carr and Johnny Cash 
The Johnny Cash Show - February 18, 1970 air date 


Vikki Carr and Ricky Martin in 1985

Vikki Carr and Elmer Bernstein worked together in 1966
on the soundtrack for "The Silencers" starring Dean Martin.

Frank Sinatra, Governor Ronald Reagan, Vikki Carr, Nancy Reagan, Dean Martin, John Wayne, Jack Benny (obscured) and Jimmy Stewart in 1971





Vikki Carr and Danny Kaye performing for members of the 1st Brigade, 101st Abn Div, in an impromptu show beside the airstrip at Phan Thiet, South Vietnam.

Phan Thiet airfield was hot and dusty, perched on the edge of a high bluff overlooking the beautiful South China sea. One afternoon Danny Kaye and Vikki Carr unexpectedly flew in on a C-130, put on a show for twenty or thirty guys crowded into a Quonset hut, then flew on down the coast, leaving a bunch of guys forever fans of Vikki (and Danny).

Vikki Carr sings for a small group of very appreciate fans in South Vietnam in 1965. Comment from Chuck Adkin: I was looking at more of your photos and remember Danny Kaye coming thru Phan Rang with his show. The female singer on your Phan Thiet photos page is Vikki Carr. I bought all her albums after I came home in 1967 for about the next 15 yea

(Note, the above photos and information is courtesy of Author J.M. Taylor.

Vikki and Don E. Hoffman


Don Hoffman on TV - picture taken of TV screen while he was giving an interview about Vikki's Fan Club from the floor of Harrah's Casino on 9/28/77.

Back in the 70's, while driving home from a memorable week of attending all of Vikki's concerts in Reno, my husband, Don, came up with the idea of the Vikki Carr's "Dirty Old Men's" Fan Club. At that time, Don was in his 60's; hence, the name for the Club. (I was in my 40's.) He said there would be no fee to join nor would there be any meetings, the Club was going to be strictly in fun and any guy who truly liked Vikki Carr could join and become a member of the Vikki Carr's "Dirty Old Men's" Fan Club. Even though at the time I was Don's wife of more than 20 years, I was never a member of her Club because this was for men only! But that was all right, I understood what he was doing and was happy to support him.

For never being involved in PR work, it always amazed me how he was able to get so much free publicity for Vikki whenever she appeared in an area where we would be able to attend her concerts. He had a business card made up with the name of the Club on the front and on the back were the words (and all of us 'old time' Vikki Carr fans know the phrase which was true then as it is today) VIKKI CARR'S One Hell of a Woman! In fact, ever since that phrase was put on a bumper sticker for VSP (remember?), I have always had that sticker on all of my cars. Of course, I do replace it with new ones when needed!

When Don dressed up, he really looked sharp - the hat with all the Vikki Carr buttons and the various T-shirts with her pictures on them and reference to VCDOMFC were his daytime promotional wear prior to her concerts. Remember the briefcase VSP had for the fans with Vikki's picture (when she was wearing her hair long) and on which she had written a note to us? Well, Don would get all dressed up, take the briefcase (which was originally mine but which quickly became one of his working tools when promoting Vikki) and place it on the PR's desk along with his business card and then he would get down to talking 'Vikki Carr'! The business card and briefcase would always bring a smile to the face of the person to whom Don was speaking and would open the door to conversation. He was always very sincere when talking about Vikki and anyone who remembers Don knows his sincerity came across very strongly.

One of the many times I remember is when Vikki appeared at the Music Circus in Sacramento and Don contacted Harry Martin (who was a member of VCDOMFC) and the host of the TV show DeColores on KCRA, Channel 3, Sacramento, CA. If Vikki's schedule permitted, Harry would do an interview with her on TV or give her a good plug for her upcoming show - Harry always liked Vikki. But the fun time with the VCDOMFC was when she sang in Reno. Don would sit down and come up with 4 different ads to be run in the Reno Entertainment paper once a week prior and through her Reno engagement. And closing night was something else -- she never knew what was awaiting her until she arrived there!! The Reno area was always a fun and memorable place to see Vikki.

She was always happy and surprised when Larry Gatlin, Vic Damone, Roy Clark - people in the entertainment world, but more so, when the men in her audience would come up to her and show her their membership cards in the VIKKI CARR'S "DIRTY OLD MEN'S" FAN CLUB. The Club was founded to bring a smile to Vikki's face and to show her that she was loved and thought of --- that was the heart of her Club --- the love for Vikki Carr, both as a singer and as a person.

Thank you, Vikki, for the many, many wonderful memories you have given me and continue doing. It was a joy to remember Don and you in this way!

Joan S. Hoffman

Vikki and Joan S. Hoffman

Denis Lownds, Vikki and Joan S. Hoffman when Vikki performed with the San Francisco Pops on 7/18/92.


Marcie Tichenor and Vikki with trophy from the Fan Clubs of America, 6/75.


Fans with Vikki in her suite at the Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, 2/4/76.

Back Row: Ruth Collier, Sylvia Martinez, Adrienne (Hannawalt) Griffin, and Don Hoffman. 2nd Row: Robin MacBeath, Marbie, Gail Green and Joan Hoffman. 1st row: Partial head of Mary Ohliger, Barbara, Vikki, Palma T and Bobbie.