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Vikki's Christmas Album was voted the NUMBER ONE ALBUM OF 2001 by the readers and fans of!!!

Congratulations Vikki!!

The Vikki Carr Christmas Album Reviews

We were ecstatic when Ms. Carr selected our Christmas song, "You've Just Missed Christmas" for her album. We were truly overwhelmed when we heard it for the first time! There was such emotional sincerity and power in her beautiful voice and the arrangement was outstanding! Ms Carr's performance is beyond a songwriter's dream. Her albums should be in every music lover's collection.

Penny Lea, Buzz Smith and 'in memoriam', Bonnie Miller

The Vikki Carr Christmas Album is a manifestation of Ms. Carr at her very best. Her voice is literally divine and in conjunction with the music, a passion is created that places you right into a joyful, peaceful, loving Christmas spirit. Her genius technique of blending English and Spanish into her music shows that she is definitely in keeping with the cultural evolution.

Rev. Matthew Williams - Chicago, IL ________________________________________________________

Dear Vito, I just bought the Vikki CD of Xmas music. WOW! it's marvelous and, as the saying goes, "gives the reason for the season." One of the songs, "I Still Believe in Christmas," is a repeat for me from a Firestone Christmas recording from the late 1960's--I believe Vikki sang it? the current performance is by and far superior! The others are too great to not get a rave review from me! In the "Reviews' on your homepage, an article says Vikki wants to do gospel. She is the only person who can sing the telephone book in Swahili and make it sound good! Her Christmas CD is sitting next to the ones by Nat "King" Cole and Eileen Farrell as my faves. (Eileen Farrell is also a crossover star, having recorded a fantastic swing album of pop songs in the fifties and sixties. And, she sang serious classical and opera to boot! Vikki is in good company in my collection). I will let you know on the article--it's still in progress but close to completion). See you later.

Richard Jessen - Nebraska

Hello to all of Vikki's Special People. First I want to thank Vito for this wonderful Website, I cannot visit it often enough. Now for those of you who may not have your copy of Vikki's Christmas Album, I would like to share my thoughts with you. This album is one of Ms. Carr's best. Even though it is early November, I have played this album over and over again. My favorite song is " Oh Holy Night" . When I hear it it brings a tear to my eye. I had the privilege of seeing of seeing Vikki when she was in Ft. Worth, Texas this last Sept. Vikki told us about the upcoming album so as soon as I got home that night I ordered my copy. I've always heard there are angels on earth and if there are, Vikki Carr is one of them. Also on the Christmas Album she sings "The Prayer". When you hear this you know she is singing it from the heart for everyone. Thank You Vikki for this beautiful album.

A devout Vikki Carr fan, Kathryn Robinson, Fort Worth Texas

Hi Vito. I was so delighted when I found out about Vikki’s Christmas album,
and even more delighted when it arrived and hit my deck. The musical arrangements are superb and very different from the typical Christmas albums one finds in shops. It’s no surprise to find that Vikki has chosen some great songs like the Prayer to include in this album. My favorite
song on the album is “You’ve Just Missed Christmas”. It reemphasizes the true meaning of Christmas. It’s so wonderful for a non Spanish speaking fan to hear Vikki singing in English again, but Spanish speaking fans need not fear either as many of the songs are in both English and Spanish. Excellent work as always Vikki - can’t wait for your next project. Christmas this year will be that bit more joyous with Vikki’s Christmas Album.

Colin Pickett - London, England ______________________________________________________

And so my passionate Love affair with perfection continues. I can hear you’re telling me there is no such thing is perfection aren’t you? Well then, I am telling you that you have never heard Vikki...For you see, Vikki Carr is not just a voice...she is THE VOICE OF ALL VOICES. If all the stars in the sky were singers, Vikki would be the moon...and in the day, the sun. As I believe I have written in one of my past poems to her, her voice is a never ending miracle...beautiful, and yes, again perfect. ...And her brand new Christmas CD only proves one thing...this perfection still exists and I am still hopelessly in Love...lost, eternally in the luscious sound of her voice...caught and entranced by her spell...tangled up in her passion...intoxicated with her deep emotion. Her voice is not just one instrument, it’s entire orchestra, every piece you could ever imagine. And once again you can experience this phenomenal sound on her brand new sensational Christmas CD, where you will find and experience a delightful mix of holiday music. Although this CD is unlike most of your traditional Christmas CDs, don’t you worry, because Vikki has thrown in a few classics in between like "Feliz Navidad" "I’ll Be Home For Christmas" "Oh Holy Night", and "What Child Is This" and although you may possibly be unfamiliar with the rest of the songs, perhaps, "I Still Believe In Christmas" "What Made The Baby Cry" or "Mary Did You Know" - let me just say this, by the end of this Christmas season, you will be completely familiar with all of these songs and a whole new tradition will begin. With Vikki, you have never just heard it all...or seen it all. She will always be there, with another song, another album...another show. And if for some reason you believe that you no longer can be touched by this woman...that you have cried your last tear...well...all I have for you is two words TRACK TWELVE. ...SIGH. ...Again, THANK YOU VIKKI!!! AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU, AND ALL OF "VIKKI’S SPECIAL PEOPLE"!!! ...A true fan and friend...FOR ETERNITY...Steph :)

Stephanie Perrigo - Monterey, CA

Once again Vikki Carr doesn't disappoint. This wonderful lady, who has given me so many hours of listening pleasure, has done it once again. The part of Vikki that has always touched me is the pure emotion evident in her voice. Her love is quite evident in this project. "Feliz Navidad" gets off to a bit of a slow start, but ends up with a jazzy bang. Who couldn't resist the longing in "I'll Be Home For Christmas"? (I'll send her a ticket to Denver) "What Child Is This?" is quite different that the version she recorded some years ago. I don't know which I prefer. Both have the classic Carr treatment. "Mary Did You Know?" has the impact of an oncoming train. WOW!! How could such a simple song be so full of love and care? Vikki, you're one of a kind. Let's not forget Mark Portman's fantastic arrangements. "What Made the Baby Cry", "The Prayer" and "Hooray For Christmas" are sure to become classics. "Hooray For Vikki Carr".

Tony Worix - Denver, Colorado.

For many, these songs will keep them anxiously waiting and prepared for that one wonderful night, Christmas. “So much rushing and shopping to do,” this CD with its diversity of sounds, as well as lyrics, will keep the true spirit alive within. In your heart, you come to remember what it was like as a kid to experience Christmas. Its real true meaning, vision, and loveliness without the commercial. So, as you “dream of a place you love,” and “it may seem like a long road back” to how Christmas use to be, this selection of hymns sung by Vikki helps you find your way. Along with her sincere voice, you feel the love that one feels when they think of Christmas. The non-commercial. The way it truly should be. The songs are truly beautiful. With This CD, whether with friends and/or family, work or alone, she brings you home with her voice and you come to remember what it is SUPPOSED to be. Not what it has become. By the end of Christmas, you will truly believe it was an “Oh Holy Night!” and saying “Hooray For Christmas”

Best wishes to all!

Marc Antony Clenna-Miller -Windsor, Canada

After waiting several years for Vikki to do a Holiday album, it finally arrived and was definitely worth the wait. Vikki's voice is in true form and her selection of songs is a wonderful array of English and Spanish, upbeat and serious, showing us all how versatile Vikki's music is and how well she performs in any type of song. This album will not disappoint the most difficult critic. It is a welcome change to hear different and unusual Christmas carols, one's that progress with time, not unlike Vikki herself. She sings with her usual heart and soul and will definitely make this Christmas a bit more merry.

Thank You Vikki for giving us your gift to us......One beautiful album that will be played for years to come. As you state in your album cover your feelings toward your fans, well....we all love you too.

Lou Cabibi - Levittown, N.Y.