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 Cerritos Performing Arts Center
March 24, 2000

I asked myself, if I wrote a review on the show that I just saw on March 24th, 2000 in Cerritos, CA, at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center, what would I express that I haven't already expressed so many times before in email, letters, and poems? As I wrote to her in a little note one time before...I truly believe that she is one of God's most finest kind and wonderful God was to grant this world with such a beautiful gift such as Vikki Carr.

The evening began with George Lopez...and for those of you who are unfamiliar with the name, let me just tell you that he is one of the most talented, funniest stand-up comedians I have ever had the privilege of seeing. Seriously, my husband and I were almost in tears! It was a pleasant surprise and a very good thing for relaxing those of us who were nervous about seeing our favorite singing idol again (like me!!!).

At last, the moment finally arrived...the one we had all waited for. The lights got dim and suddenly there she was, gracefully making her way on stage like an angel through the gates of heaven...and as always, her beauty was just simply breathtaking. In her lovely pink shimmering gown, with her bright sparkling eyes, and her warm loving smile, she quickly lit up the room like the sun rising over the mountains on the first day of summer. Then...we heard it...that sound...that perfect sound that only she can give...that sound that makes your heart skip a beat...and makes you sigh. I have to be honest when I tell you, and this may sound strange, and please forgive me, but with all of my nervousness and excitement, I can't seem to remember the opening song...although I know it touched me because I do remember the tears that filled my eyes. This show was a little different than the ones I have seen in the last few years. This time it was back to the 60s and 70s in English. (Although forever faithful to her Mexican heritage, she still sang some of her classic passionate and dramatic Spanish Love songs, including "El Tiempo Que Te Quede Libre" - which she so sweetly dedicated to her husband as he sat listening in the seats above the stage...and the song "Que Tu Te Vas" - which was another nice surprise because I had never heard it live before) ...I can't begin to describe to you how incredible it was, how impressive it was, to hear Vikki do all of her old was as if suddenly you were transported thirty years into the past...except as perfect and as spectacular as you thought her voice was back then, it's even more so now if you can imagine that! I couldn't stop smiling as all those classic melodies came drifting out so strong and clear through the stage speakers...there was the sexy "Cross Your Heart" the cute and playful "Them There Eyes" the soulful "Spanish Harlem" the soft and heartfelt "The First Time Ever I Saw Your face" And the Burt Bacharach composition "Anyone Who Had A Heart" that was done in perfect Vikki style :) This woman can sing anything! You name it, and she can do it! Having a passion for music and singing myself, many of these songs I know by heart and was softly singing away the words right along with her. As most of you know, listening to Vikki is such an exhilarating experience and along with watching her perform - it's like a complete positive energy recharge! I almost felt like jumping out of my seat, getting on the stage and belting right along with her! The songs were of course done flawlessly and Vikki definitely in no way what so ever has lost her singing and performing charm...with just one word, one note, one look, she has got your in the palm of her hand. She can touch your heart in so many ways...and many times throughout the evening I found myself tearing up...I just couldn't help it!

As always, the evening passed by much too quickly, and the moment she leaves the stage, there's a kind of cold and lonely feeling that sweeps through you and all you have left is the sweet lingering memory of the feeling you felt when she was there and her strong, powerful voice echoed through the theatre...but soon that sad and lonely feeling is chased away with the wonderful thought of knowing that before too long, the excitement will begin another place...and another stage.

Before ending this, I must acknowledge the extremely talented musicians who accompanied Miss Carr in this new dazzling show. They were right on it and knew exactly what they were doing. They were just absolutely fabulous! Natural and true professionals!

In closing, I feel that I must go on and my opinion, Vikki Carr is not only the PERFECT VOCALIST AND ENTERTAINER, but clearly she has got a heart and soul made of pure genuine kindness, warmth, and Love...a down to earth, friendly personality that shines brighter than all the priceless sparkling gems in this world - all put together! This is what makes her so special and sets her apart from all the rest. She has given so much, and she continues to give. I think I speak for everyone when I say - Thank you so much again Vikki!

Until next time...
One of your truest fans...for ETERNITY...
Stephanie Perrigo
Monterey, CA


Mal and Vikki - Feinstein's at the Regency, June 23, 2000


Vikki Fan Peanut Brown Vikki Fan Dottie Robinson


What can I say, AWESOME!!! On June 23rd I had the privilege of seeing Vikki perform. It had been some time since I saw her perform, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Let me tell you, if you haven't see her perform in awhile you must make it a mission to see her!! She's WONDERFUL! First the music began and then from somewhere off stage I hear it. The voice! Beautiful and Strong . The show consisted of music from the 60's & 70's. Some of which I had never heard before. And of course there were quite a few of my favorites, "With Pen in Hand" & "It Must Be Him" being my top favorites. All you think about when listening to her sing is "Boy, this women can belt out a song".

And then, there she is looking as gorgeous as I remembered her from when I last saw her in person many years ago. (She must be taking some magic anti aging potion).

What can I say, This women is perfection!!. She is also one of the nicest performer I have ever met. She has a way of letting the audience know that she knows they are there. Vikki had been told it was my birthday (unknown to me). After finishing a song she turned to me and wished me Happy Birthday and then sang HB to me. I thought I would die right there! But that wasn't the end of my surprises from her. After the show I got to go backstage and meet her. When she saw me she called me "the birthday girl" and gave me a big hug!! Then we took a couple of pictures together and talked for about 10 minutes. I can honestly say that Vikki made this the most wonderful day in my life. I have adored her for 30 yrs (since I was 14 yrs old) and to finally meet her and see that Vikki is just as wonderful and beautiful in person as I had imagined her to be. It's 3 days later and I am still on cloud nine. I can't
wait to see her live again!! Thank You, Vikki, for making my dream come true @ Feinstein's on June 23rd.
Looking forward to seeing more of you on the East Coast!

A Huge Fan for Eternity,

Mal Brown
New Bedford, MA.


Patrice Lorefice and Vikki

Leonard J. & Elba O'Connell, Vikki & Patrice

Hey Vito,
this web site is a dream come true for Vikki fans.I just saw her last night and already I can't wait for her to come back to NY> I would not have even known she was here if not for this site. MANY, MANY thanks



Once is definitely not enough, so I went back to the Regency Saturday 6-24-00 after seeing Vikki the Wednesday prior to that. She was in excellent voice, looked fabulous and the band was great. It was wonderful to hear some of her old recordings that I've never seen her perform before such as, "Them There Eyes" and "Cross Your Heart".
She was as always most gracious that evening in that (again) she spoke with me, took pictures sat with me for a few minutes and it made me feel like a kid again.

The year was 1969 and I was watching a TV special in which Vikki sang "With Pen in Hand". As she was singing & crying, here I am at 10 years old crying with her. Obviously at that point I'm now hooked. At that time I was having my own crisis in that my parents were divorced and every Sunday I would sit and wait for my Dad who would never show up. So, I guess I identified with the song and the emotion in which Vikki sang it. Well, needless to say, as any Vikki fan would know, it didn't stop there. I've been a lifelong fan since that time and can only say that Vikki got better since then. Every time I've gone to see her, she sounds ands looks better than ever before.
I kind of in my mind adopted Vikki as "my other Mom" in that time (especially after "Six Weeks Every Summer" came out. It was a very emotional time for me and it was as if God sent me a special someone to help me in the quiet time that teenagers often spend alone. Even my Mom says that she was glad it was Vikki rather than other performers or drugs teens were attracted to in that era. I couldn't be more thankful to her for all she has meant to me in my life and hope someday I get to tell her. She actually has helped make me the sensitive compassionate person that I am today and doesn't even know it.

So, Thank you Vikki for just being you!

Patrice Lorefice
Staten Island, NY


Lou Cabibi and Vikki, 1973

Lou Cabibi, 2000

After waiting several years for Vikki to do a Holiday album, it finally arrived and was definitely worth the wait.
Vikki's voice is in true form and her selection of songs is a wonderful array of English and Spanish, upbeat and serious, showing us all how versatile Vikki's music is and how well she performs in any type of song. This album will not disappoint the most difficult critic. It is a welcome change to hear different and unusual Christmas carols, one's that progress with time, not unlike Vikki herself. She sings with her usual heart and soul and will definitely make this Christmas a bit more merry.

Thank You Vikki for giving us your gift to us......One beautiful album that will be played for years to come. As you state in your album cover your feelings toward your fans, well....we all love you too.

Lou Cabibi
Levittown, N.Y.



In an age of pseudo-talents and overrated superstars, there are many qualities that make Vikki Carr the genuine article. Of course there are her exquisite vocal attributes coupled with her impeccable musicianship. There’s also her special ability to discover the true essence of every lyric and make it sound fresh again. Then there’s her amazing versatility whether she is singing American pop standards, contemporary pop, jazz, country, Latin, etc. This lady can do it all! Perhaps, above everything else, it is her intrinsic sensitivity and humanity that is clearly projected in everything she chooses to sing.

As an avid Vikki Carr fan for many years, I began reflecting upon her amazing recording output. As a result, I decided to set upon myself the arduous task of selecting Vikki’s 20 greatest recorded performances thus far. At first sight, this would appear to be an impossible endeavor for any fan of Ms. Carr. However, I reasoned that I could at least choose twenty performances that are representative of her very finest work and are especially memorable for one reason or another. In doing so, I decided to help myself out a bit by limiting the choices to performances primarily from her English language albums. I must add, however, that several Spanish or partially Spanish language selections are also included. Without further ado, here are my 20 choices:

SAN FRANCISCO - This gem is from Vikki’s 1963 debut album for Liberty Records aptly titled Color Her Great. Vikki’s warm romantic rendering of the celebrated Kaper-Jurmann tune is backed by Bob Florence’s lush string arrangement. The result is a two and a half minute lesson in what great singing is all about.

BLUSETTE - Toots Thielman’s classic jazz waltz appeared on Vikki’s second album Discovery! in 1964. Like its predecessor, all of the arrangements were done by Bob Florence. On this track, Vikki stays right on top of Bob’s dazzling big band arrangement demonstrating her flawless pitch, impeccable sense of timing and sure rhythmic lilt. Possibly no cut demonstrates Vikki’s affinity for jazz better than this one.

CUANDO CALIENTA EL SOL (LOVE ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART) - Carlos Rigual’s renowned song was included on the 1964 album Discovery - Vol. II, another fabulous collaboration with Bob Florence. In this classic reading, Vikki slowly spins out Rigual’s beautiful melody until it is ultimately enveloped by the golden rays of her glowing vocal timbre.

GOODBYE - Also from Discovery - Vol. II, this is singularly one of Vikki’s greatest recorded performances. Written by Gordon Jenkins, “Goodbye” was once the closing theme song of Benny Goodman. It has been tackled by a number of other singers. However, Vikki’s hauntingly nostalgic interpretation remains unequaled, while Bob Florence’s 1940’s style arrangement literally sends chills up my spine.

THEM THERE EYES - The 1965 Anatomy of Love is arguably Vikki’s all-time greatest album. The present selection illustrates one of several reasons why. Many girl singers have had lots of fun with this Pinkard-Tracey-Tauber standard, and Vikki is no exception. Beginning in a demure Betty Boop (Helen Kane) type fashion, Vikki eventually lets loose against one of Bob Florence’s most sparkling and innovative arrangements. The effect is irresistible.

LOOK AT THAT FACE - Vikki and Bob come up victorious again with another prize from Anatomy of Love. This song was written by the remarkably talented Anthony Newley and supplies Vikki with a vehicle to which she can really swing. The outcome can only be described as a listener’s delight.

CARNIVAL (MANHA DE CARNAVAL) - Just one of many exceptional cuts from the 1967 Intimate Excitement, another of Vikki’s very finest albums. The arranger is Marty Paich. This seductive melody is from the movie Black Orpheus and was composed by Luiz Bonfa. It has been performed in many different guises. However, the burnished and tender warmth of Vikki’s remarkably restrained performance convinces the listener that it can be sung in no other way.

TUNESMITH - Jim Webb is one of the most gifted writers of our time, and Vikki included this lovely song of his on her famous 1967 album It Must Be Him. Vikki sings it in a simple and smoothly flowing fashion that only enhances the special inherent qualities of the song.

FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE - This version of the Orlando Murden and Ronald Miller song can be found on the 1968 album Vikki. Ms. Carr has frequently expressed her admiration for the late Judy Garland. Perhaps no selection comes closer to representing Vikki’s musical kinship with Judy than this one. Garland’s natural and intuitive sense of phrasing coupled with her unique ability to build and develop the essential structure of a song are similarly demonstrated by Vikki in this brilliant performance.

GO - I have never heard any other artist besides Vikki perform this Edith Piaf-like work composed by Robert Gray. Also from the album Vikki, it proves to be a musical tour de force showcasing Ms. Carr’s ability to create a brief one-act play within the context of a song. In a period of just three minutes, Vikki leads the listener through all the emotions of a woman trying to reconcile herself to the fact that a love affair is over. Vikki’s utterance of the word “STAY” on the final climatic note of the song cannot help but stir the listener’s emotions.

YESTERDAY I HEARD THE RAIN - For some reason, not many singers have performed this beautiful song by A. Manzanero and Gene Lees. In any event, others need not apply after one hears Vikki’s definitive covering of it on her live 1969 album For Once in My Life.

UNTIL IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO GO - This enchanting waltz solidified folksinger Buffy Sainte-Marie’s reputation as an accomplished contemporary songwriter. It has been recorded by virtually every singer (and his or her brother or sister). Of the literally dozens of versions available, I will go on record in stating that Vikki’s is by far the finest (and most danceable) account. Look for it on her 1970 album Nashville by Carr.

(WHERE DO I BEGIN) LOVE STORY - This very popular song by the team of G. Sigman-F. Lai has been covered by many other artists (as well as sung or played at a countless number of weddings). Nonetheless, Vikki’s special capacity for molding and filling the climax of a phrase with the warm opulent quality of her voice transforms this mediocre song into an unforgettable listening experience. It can be heard on her 1971 Columbia album Vikki Carr’s Love Story.

FOR ALL WE KNOW - Not to be confused with the Coots-Lewis standard, Vikki performs the contemporary version by the team of Karlin-Wilson-James. Also from the Love Story album, it is one of her most affecting and poignant performances. As with so many songs covered by Vikki, other versions pale by comparison. Vikki should have garnered a Grammy for this one.

THE SUMMER KNOWS - There is probably no greater contemporary songwriter around today than Michel Legrand and no finer lyricists than Alan and Marilyn Bergman. This haunting song from the movie Summer of 42 lingers in one’s mind and may well be this team’s supreme collaboration. While several fine versions exist, Vikki’s fluid and lustrous caressing of the melody blends with her innate sensitivity to the lyrics in deeming this the definitive interpretation of Legrand’s masterpiece. It appears on the 1972 Columbia album The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT - Vikki has often turned her attention to country music, and this selection is probably Kris Kristofferson’s finest effort. Vikki really sings the heck out of it substantiating the claim that any songwriter is indeed most fortunate to have Ms. Carr interpret their creations. Another great track from First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

VAMOS DE GRENTE - Vikki’s 1990 album Set Me Free ranks as one of her most impressive musical achievements. Her singing has never sounded more radiant, assured, and vocally enticing. All of the songs were written by the talented songwriting team of Roberto Levi and Bebu Silvetti with half of them being performed in English translations. This particular selection, sung in the original Spanish, is one of several great cuts that demonstrate Vikki’s dominance as the indisputable queen of the romantic ballad.

LET ME KNOW - Vikki smoothly swings and sways to a gentle samba beat in what is yet another high point in the extraordinary Set Me Free album. The mood is infectious.

YOU BELONG TO MY HEART (SOLAMENTE UNA VEZ) - Vikki described Augustin Lara as the Cole Porter of Mexico in her memorable 1999 PBS special Memories, Memoria’s. Fortunately, the entire special was preserved on a Universal/Rodven compact disc. To hear Vikki’s voice slide into Lara’s most beguiling song as if into a glove is to realize that she remains at the top of her form. In fact, there is no greater singer before the public today.

WITHOUT YOU (TRES PALABRAS) - On her special Memories, Memorias, Vikki teamed up with trumpet sensation Arturo Sandoval and created one of the most magical moments ever seen on television with this song by Osvaldo Farres. Vikki remarked to Sandoval at the end of the performance that he “took her to heaven.” I would like to modify that sentiment in stating that both Vikki and Arturo took us to heaven with this transcendent performance.

And why do I have this uncanny sensation that Vikki’s MOST remarkable performances are yet to come?

Dan Morrongiello



September 9, 2000

What a wonderful night! It is always a thrill to see Vikki in concert. She was appearing at the Selena Auditorium in Corpus Christi, Texas. This evening was to include a dinner at the auditorium, then the show and then a reception afterwards. An exciting evening! I had hoped that Vikki would be at the dinner, but it was just as well that she wasn’t–she probably would have been kept there too long, jeopardizing her show time.

This was also a special event in Corpus because this show was a combined benefit for the symphony and for the First Friday program, for breast cancer awareness. Magic was in the air.

I knew we had great seats. We were front row, center stage and I was beside myself. Mariachi Cobre started the evening and they were fabulous–quite humorous too, when they posed for a photo shot on the stage and then asked that every put away the cameras afterwards. And then, I recognized a few notes from the song "Dos Corazones", and knew Vikki was on her way out. But instead of coming out onto the stage, she came from the side entrance of the auditorium, surprising us all. She walked down the aisle, was met by one of the Mariachi performers and they sang Dos Corazones. Vikki glowed. They moved on to some of her other Spanish songs, including Simplemente Mujer, No Mas Ocho Dias, Palomo Negro and then Por Amor. Often this is her signature song for leaving the stage and at first I paniced, but thought better. She had not been out long enough, and there still hadn’t been an intermission. So she sang her heart out with Por Amor. Every time I hear this song, I go into a trance. It is absolutely my favorite song (well, they all are, but this is a special one).

After a short break, Vikki came back out and began her "Retro" show, songs from the early albums, and also songs from Memorias, Memories. I had not heard the early songs for so long and to hear them now, again, with Vikki’s wonderfully enriched voice, was a heart warming experience down memory lane. Vikki was light-hearted, stated she loved her songs and her work, and it showed in every move she made and note she sung.

The audience gave her a difficult time when it was time for her to leave. She said her feet were tired and sore. But she stayed out a bit more and sang a special song for the First Friday cause.

When she finally left the stage and the audience began to filter out, I didn’t have the usual let down of no longer being in the light of her presence. I was still excited and looking forward to the reception. It didn’t take very long before she appeared. Everyone swarmed over to her and it took her a while to make it over to a table, where she started signing autographs. By the time I make it to the table, she was about finished. Just plain tired. She looked up at one point and looked at me, and since I’ve met with her before, I saw that she recognized me. She soon got up to leave and I ran toward her, caught her attention and said that Vito wanted photos for the Web Site. She gladly posed and then said that I needed to take a photo of her with her slippers on, so we could see how tired her feet were! It was wonderful and it was fun! And it was like being with a dear friend, if only for a few moments.

The evening was fabulous and I am looking forward to Vikki’s Christmas CD, and I hope to have an opportunity to see her perform again in the near future. Being at Vikki’s shows is addicting and it’s a great habit!

Thank you Vikki for being so gracious to your VSP fans.

Marjorie Sita


Vikki Carr at Pechanga Entertainment Center

I have seen Vikki Carr in concert some 30 or 40 times, but until November 3, 2000 I hadn't been to see a Vikki Carr concert for about 20 years. That is my misfortune. From the moment Vikki stepped on stage at the Pechanga Entertainment Center in Temecula, California, I realized what I had been missing over the years. Her voice is as strong and vibrant as it ever was. It might even be stronger.

The audience was treated to a Vikki Carr retrospective. She began the evening with "Yours / Quiereme Much" which was featured in her recent PBS special. Vikki then dedicated the evening to her father who passed away last year. It was his birthday. Vikki took her audience on a journey through time. It was a journey in both English and Spanish.

As Vikki performed such songs as "Yesterday When I Was Young," "Them There Eyes," and "Cross Your Heart," you realized that she still has the capacity to send chills down your spine with her voice.

Vikki's next song was "El Tiempo Que Te Quede Libre" which she dedicated to her husband. Vikki asked the audience 'how many of you don't speak Spanish?' She then looked out at those of us who had our hands sheepishly in the air. She said 'What's wrong with you? I've been giving you lessons since 1973!' We all laughed.

Before Vikki performed the heart-wrenching "With Pen In Hand," she told a story about Bobby Goldsboro. It seems that Vikki had told Mr. Goldsboro that she wanted to sing "With Pen In Hand." He told her that she couldn't because it was a man's song. Well, we all know what happened next!

At one point during the show someone in the audience shouted out a request for "Total." Vikki obliged by singing the song a cappella. A wonderful moment for all.

For an encore the audience was treated to several songs from Vikki's recently released Christmas CD - The Vikki Carr Christmas Album. It might have been November but the audience was put into the spirit of Christmas.

At times during the evening I felt as if I'd been transported back in time. Songs Vikki has done hundreds of times were still fresh and new.

All in all the audience was treated to an evening of magic and memories. The magic that is Vikki Carr.

Complete set list follows:

- Yours / Quiereme Mucho
- Yesterday When I Was Young
- Them There Eyes
- Cross Your Heart
- El Tiempo Que Te Que Te Libre
- With Pen In Hand
- Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
- Perhaps / Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
- Mirror, Mirror
- You Belong To My Heart / Solamente Una Vez
- Total (sang a cappella - some one from audience yelled out for it)
- Anyone Who Had A Heart
- Ya Lo Se Que Tu Te Vas
- Spanish Harlem
- What A Difference A Day Made / Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado
- It Must Be Him
- I'll Be Home For Christmas
- What Child Is This
- What Made The Baby Cry
- Feliz Navidad

By Jill A. Adelsberger


A Toast to Vikki...

I know this may come off as maybe odd to you, reading a review on an album that has been out now for seven years...but as you know, when something so good has managed to make it’s way into your heart and soul, touching you so deeply...whether it be seven years or twenty, and even more than never can’t. And being the natural romantic dreaming fool that I am, and have always been, makes it even more difficult to let go of all the emotion that I feel whenever listening to this album...this album, and singer in which I will further expand on down below...and both in which I will so fondly continue to gush over for the rest of my living days on this earth...and after that...for the rest of eternity.

I am not one to ever claim that I know everything...I don’t...but I do believe, that most of the time, I am someone who is able to clearly recognize the good things in life. ...Seven years ago, Sony (bless their hearts) released THE finest Latin album that this world could ever know. Of course it’s no surprise at all when you learn that the vocalist who performed every song on this album was none other than THE finest in her profession...THE voice of all voices...THE ultimate vocalist of all time...Vikki Carr. The album... "Brindo A La Vida, Al Bolero, A Ti" The title alone takes your breath away. ...If you have listened to this masterpiece, then I know that you completely understand every word that I write, because I am sure, that ever since that first moment, when the music began, and you heard those first words drop from her lips...your ears and your heart have been thanking you, for allowing them to experience this extraordinary sound of a lifetime. The only way that I can describe this album to you is is a dream potion, filled with all the perfect musical ingredients known to woman or man. You just have to hear it one time and you are suddenly lost, endlessly falling deeper and deeper into a state of euphoria...a magical trance...and there is no escaping...but then, who would want to? The orchestra is monumental...overflowing with richness and beauty in which surrounds this shining angel who strongly holds her own with the greatest instrument of all...the one with the sweetest touch of all, always leaving us longing for more. Both the orchestra, and Vikki’s voice combined, will fill your body with life, like the air that you breathe. The arrangements, brilliantly mastered, and most in which were done by Bob Florence (What more can I say?). The lyrics are beautifully written by well respected artists, including Roberto Carlos, and although in Spanish, the way this woman delivers these songs will send shivers up and down your body and send your helpless heart into an emotion drenched orbit...sigh after sigh after sigh. It will sooth your soul and take you far far that place...where ever that place is for know the one you always imagine when life seems to be moving just a little to fast for you...that warm and quiet safe place. For me, it is a tropical island...and when the music starts, it’s there, clear in my mind...usually it’s in the evening...and I’m lying on the sand, which is still warm from the day. The ocean is calm with just a soft kiss or two, now and again, to the shore. There’s a gentle comfortable breeze in the air that slightly brushes the palm trees...and the only lights around are the stars and the moon, and oh what a sight when touching the’s a sparkling shimmering dance that goes along perfectly with the heavenly melodies that continue to flow. ...This dreamy album is unlike any musical work of art you’ve ever just spills Love and romance, and I have no doubt in my mind that it will quickly enrapture you...your heart, your mind, and your soul.

"Brindo A La Vida, Al Bolero, A Ti" means, a toast to life, the dance, and you...

...a simple toast, yet so touching, and eloquently says it all. How could we ever repay Vikki with a toast like that?

With much thanks and gratitude once again to you Vikki...for keeping the good things alive. ...You are the meaning of great talent and class.

A fan and friend, always and forever ...for ETERNITY... Steph

Stephanie Perrigo
Monterey, CA


April 10, 1966 - The Cranberry Fold, England

It's nine pm at last and the lights dim. The audience stills as the band plays an intro The compere announces", Ladies and Gentlemen the Cranberry Fold is proud to present, from America, Miss Vikki Carr", and she appears in the spotlight wearing a soft green and lemon chiffon gown, She begins to sing and captures the crowd with the first number. Its a small crowd tonight, after all this is opening night and she is not well known here in the North of England. In addition this is a new nightspot perched rather obscurely on the top of a hill in suburban Darwen. It does not matter to Vikki, she treats us to song after song from her recently released Albums, Discovery Vol. 1 and Discovery Vol. 2.Each song a gem.

Each song greeted with rapturous applause from the some four hundred fans that made the journey to this new and exciting nightclub. Already the first half is almost over but before the break Vikki introduces her latest single Summer Samba! a lilting South American rhythm, smooth and sexy, and then she is gone promising to return. The lights go up, and the buzz of the crowd shows this is a night to remember. Drinks are served and again the lights go down! This time the audience is in a frenzy of anticipation, Bob Florence appears at the piano, and she is back, from the sad pathos of Mirror to the power of Cuando Caliento el Sol, to the innovative Surrey with the Fringe on Top this girl shows us a versatility and command seldom seen in a singer so young. The lyrics are expressed with a superb touch, never forced but with a true understanding of the lyric. Making us believe she has been there, done that, and survived.

She talks to the people, between songs, tells us she is really Florencia Bisenta De Casilas Cardona, and then sings Granada to show us! Then she introduces the flip side of Summer Samba, a song called It Must Be Him! A warm response, the crown know this song, it's getting a lot of air time on the radio, unusually so for a B side. Soon it will climb the charts and be released again as the A side but that does not matter tonight, it is just another gem in a concert of jewels, just a little stop on the relentless grind of the promotional tour, another six nights and she will be gone on to another concert another crowd another country but for those of us that attended it was special and memorable. a night to remember

That night was April 10th 1966 but for me it was yesterday. Since that time Vikki has gone from strength to strength Album after Album and hit after hit and I have followed , always excited never disappointed often surprised and always entertained America has produced so many stars in the Music Industry but none I believe with the warmth and sincerity of Vikki Carr.

As Stephanie says for Eternity. Vikki Carr Para Siempre!.

William Michael Forshaw, Australia