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Fan Reviews 2006

February 18, 2006 -- Washington Birthday Celebration Festivities in Laredo, TX

- by the Lulac Council of Laredo Texas

 Photo courtesy of Joe Munguia

"Mrs. Carr's show her in Laredo was Da Bomb! This was my first time watching Mrs. Carr performing live. I remember as a child always admiring her for her voice and this presence that she has when she's on screen singing. Her performance was awesome because she perform w/ Mariachi Musicians, her regular love songs in Spanish, and the ultimate, singing w/ back guitarist Gilberto Puente, Raul Puente, and Bebo Cardenas, better know as Los Tres Reyes. I felt like the luckiest guy there because I was watching a living legend in action. And she looked great, babelisous. All in all, she's was great and I hope that she returns to Laredo for another show. "

Joe Munguia Laredo, Texas

Vikki with N. Lozaro De La Garza, Chief Standing Bear in the Princess Pocahontas Council 2006

Photo courtesy of Joe Munguia

Dear Joe,

Thank you for the picture of Vikki Carr, this made the Washington Birthday Celebration complete. Please thank her, I enjoyed her music and I appreciate the time she took to take a picture with me. I am grateful that she values her fans and of every age. My parents enjoy her music and my grandfather is her biggest fan. He will be eight-seven this week, and I will be giving him the picture for his birthday,

Thank you. Lazaro uly 1, 2006 - SOLD OUT!

 Wow! What a concert. JULY 1, 2006

On July 1st, 2006, the Vikki Carr concert at the Spot Light 29 Casino in
Coachella, California was fabulous. It was completely sold out. My husband
Rick and I arrived about 45 minutes before the show. The room was quickly
filled with what seemed to be thousands of fans. As always, Vikki was
absolutely stunning!! In a long beautiful gown, Vikki sparkled beautifully
under the lights. She sang some of her old classics, as well as a new song
that's never been released. After a couple songs, Vikki finally started
talking to the audience - she was nervous!!! She was very cute, saying it
had been a while since she was in front of crowds singing! Of course, the
fans went crazy when she sang "It Must Be Him." At one point, a fan yelled
out for her to sing "Grande, Grande, Grande." You could tell it was not
part of the show's play list, yet, she graciously began to sing it for him a
cappella. After a few minutes, her guitarist joined in and played while she
sang and it sounded amazing! As the show went on she let us know her mother
was getting released from the hospital the next morning. Vikki also
informed us that she was back performing, as God intended her to do. She
closed the show talking about our young men and women in the military
fighting for our country and insuring our freedom. She reminded us that the
United States was not established in two years, so we should give our
soldiers a chance to establish freedom in Iraq. Her speech was so touching
and it brought tears our eyes. We hated to see the show end! The audience
gave her a standing ovation for a few minutes as she exited the stage.
Vikki, of course surprised us and came back out to sing another great song!
Wow!, what a concert.

Fans and VSP forever,
Ana T. & Rick Watson
Imperial, California





VIKKI CARR & VSP MICHAEL DOMINGUEZ MANY THANKS TO Diane DelFiandra Entertainment Coordinator Spotlight 29 Casino Coachella, CA