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Arts & Entertainment 2007 Season / Vikki Carr

Friday, November 02, 2007, 8:00 pm CST at
Jacob Brown Auditorium

Important: Vikki Carr is one of the best loved and most accomplished entertainers in the United States, Latin America and Europe. The three time Grammy Award winner, whose international success spans four decades, has released 59 best selling recordings. She has performed for the Queen of England, five United States Presidents, wartime soldiers in Vietnam and sold out audiences around the world. She has worked in radio, television, film and theater. Her music embraces two languages and she is among the first artists to bridge the cultures of the United States and Latin America, paving the way for many performers today. 



She's baaaaaaaaack!

Our favorite songbird flew in to Brownsville and lit up the stage

at the Jacob Brown Auditorium on November 2, 2007.

Vikki began her show with "Love Song" and then proceeded to

reel off a string of hits that spanned an almost 50 year singing


She captivated us with "Make It Rain", "Grande, Grande, Grande",

"Today I Started Loving You Again", "Spanish Harlem", "Y Volvere",

just to name a few as Vikki'sshow ran about an hour and 40 minutes non-stop!

Vikki had her adoring audience eating out of her hand! Throughout

the show you could hear whispers of, "She's so beautiful!", "What a voice!", "Oh, I love that song!", "She's so thin!". "Que mujer tan elegante!"

Vikki rocked the house with a seven piece band which included a

latin percussionist right here from Brownsville! Vikki also brought

along two dynamite backup singers!

Vikki closed her show with "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" with

the extra verse as the encore.

Needless to say, Vikki rec'd a well-deserved standing ovationa

and left the stage to chants of "Otra, otra, otra!"

After the show Vikki came out to meet with some of her fan club members and was most gracious to us. We presented her with

flowers and some Carr Bars which were made lovingly by Patty Weidling. Vikki sat with us for a group photo and in case you are

wondering what she is holding in her hand, it's a Vikki Carr Caliente

Carr Bar!

We all had a wonderful evening that we will never forget.

Thank you, Vikki. Muchisimas gracias. Your graciousness will never

be forgotten. Hasta pronto!



Vikki with Cookie Wimer

VSP Meet & Greet in Brownsville ,Texas November 2, 2007

Standing: Carlos Estrada, Vangie Henggeler, Celia Galindo, Chickie Samano, Lydia Paredes, Viola Ruenes, Nena Alcala.

Seated: Virginia Estrada, Vikki Carr, Cookie Wimer, Rick Musquiz.


"Classics Revisited" -

Starring Vikki Carr and the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Frank Paul Fetta.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

7:30 P.M. and ticket prices are $45, $60, $70, $80.

Sinfonia Mexicana - What's New

There are few performers today who can walk on a stage
and mesmerize an audience, but Ms. Vikki Carr can do
it everytime, and she did so on the 13th of October
2007, in San Bernadino, California. The minute she
took to the stage, she was able to take all of us on a
journey of heartaches, heartbreaks, and hope, as she
weaved through her repertoire of songs that were and
are chart-topping hits, turn-table favorites, and
concert-only "musts."

Ms. Carr began the show with her signature concert
opening "Love Song" which set the mood for the entire
performance. And what a performance! As I sat there
listening to her magnificent voice belt out "I Can't
Stop Loving You," (a tribute as much to her parents
who have now gone to a better place as well as being a
tribute to the great Rhythm & Blues artist, Ray
Charles) I couldn't help but realize that I am
listening to a musical legend. Ms. Carr has been in
the business now for almost 50 years, and in that time
she has had the chance to record some of the best
songs ever composed as well as to perform with some
other legends who are no longer with us. In some ways,
it is as if she is carrying the torch for all the
performers who were of an era when "entertainment" and
"entertainer" were more than just words but truely an

While it would have been impossible for Ms. Carr to
have presented all the styles and genres of music she
has had the opportunity to perform, she was able to
add some elements in her show that highlight just what
a dynamic performer she really is. Proud of her
current CD sells, she mentioned how her "The Ways to
Love a Man / Nashville By Carr" CD has been revived,
and she was more than proud to showcase a few of the
songs from the EMI UK release that contains both
albums on one disc. "Singing My Song" and "Empty Words
of Love" were two of the handful of country tunes she
performed to a well-pleased audience.

Overall, her performance was breath-taking and, as
usual, made me want to hear more. I am sure that, for
courtesy of the awesome musicians she was performing
with (La Sinfonia Mexicana), Ms. Carr did a quick
encore of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" (the sinfonia
has worked very hard during the entire performance and
I'm sure a lengthy encore would have been too much to
ask of them).

And I must add that going with fan club members always
makes seeing Ms. Carr in person that much more
special. Thanks to Vito, Tony, Joyce, Dennis, Jorge,
Mike, Sue, Sandy, and the others. It was a memorable
night. Thanks.

-Alan Suboter 16 Oct 2007

Vikki Carr with the San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra October 13, 2007

Joyce Steele/ Colorado

What an absolutely wonderful evening with the beautiful songs and styling's of Ms. Vikki Carr and the incredible San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Frank Fetta.

The "song list" that Vikki chose for the concert was a journey back in time of her classic "repertoire" of songs through the years from English, Spanish, Country, and

Jazz. She has preformed them all through the years of becoming an overnight success in the music industry.

With her sparkle and zest...Vikki Carr continues to capture her audience with AWE!

It was so much fun to once again be with so many VSP members and friend's. 

Vikki Carr with Dennis Christensen

So here I am back in Chicago after a great trip to Los Angeles. I stayed in Hollywood (don't you know) and then met Vito and the other VSP in Long Beach for the ride out to San Bernardino Concert. We drove in two cars using an open phone line for directions, a very difficult task in itself. The show was great. Vikki's red gown was fantastic and it definitely was a trip down memory lane. I like country music, so Vikki's country selections were tops in my book.(Singing My Song, I Can't Stop Loving You) And the private reception afterwards was especially nice. The food was very good and the drinks were mighty tasty by this time. I took 50 photos and some of them are quite good, if I do say so myself. Vikki was telling a story about Liberace in Las Vegas and all his rings, so I flashed her with the 11 that I was wearing that night. She said "Show off". and everyone laughed...Everyone was frantically pushing and shoving to get photos of Vikki and autographs, but she remained cool, calm, and collected throughout. And she was looking good in her black dress for the reception..Yvonne certainly does a great job in all the arrangements and I thanked her for all she has done for me and my family in Guadalajara. The it was over and we began a real odyssey. We used every one of Los Angeles's expressways, I do declare. First we took Jorge home to Pasadena and then Joyce and Tony wanted to see Vikki's Star on the Walk of Fame..So back to Hollywood we go and it is now 1:30 AM and Hollywood Blvd is a zoo at that time.. I directed Alan who was driving and Tony followed in his rental. We get to the star on corner of Hollywood and Cahuenga and of course there is no parking, so they leap out and take photos as we drive around the block. Then someone needs a drink from 7/11.So we pull in and Vito goes in with his suit on and the police tell him to leave right away as something big was coming down. I was frantically waving to him as to where we had parked. The lot was swarming with gang bangers. I thought Vikki's star would be the last thing we'd ever see. But we got away safely and they dropped me off at my hotel and then went on back to Long Beach, another hours drive.. Hollywood is just not what it used to be. One just doesn't see Elizabeth Taylor out for stroll anymore..It's a rough tough place, God, I love it, tho. And of course I had removed all my rings by that time. I wasn't born yesterday despite my youthful appearance (lol).. All the fans I meet at various shows are so nice and I hope to meet the rest of you someday, someplace.

Dennis Christensen  

Tucson Convention Center, 2007 Harmonia Fiesta Concert w/ Mariachi Cobre


Ray Sotomayor, Vikki, and Ray's sister, Susie Corral and Vikki
Ray's mom, Virginia Bland

September 8, 2007

Unique “Fiesta” In Tucson
Review by Ray Sotomayor

It had been a long while since Tucson was graced by a Vikki Carr
performance. It was great to have that familiar feeling of contentment to
hear her sing live. The atmosphere in the Tucson Convention Center Arena
was electrified with people moving toward their seats. I noticed the Chief
of Police, Richard Miranda and Henry Oyama, well-known Spanish educator.
Also, there was a casually dressed, Monsignor Arsenio Carrillo and family.
He will receive the honor of a newly renovated Cathedral hall and placita
named for him. This event will benefit acquiring the necessary funds to
complete the new buildings.

The concert started with many young boys and girls performing. Several
selections included all of the children either playing mariachi songs and or
dancing. The ample stage was completely full against the beautiful backdrop
painted several hours before the event. It’s a picturesque depiction of
ancient Mayan pyramids.

Next, Mariachi Cobre made their presence known by welcoming the audience
with their much-missed presence. They were in excellent form for their music
set and backing the singers. They are so proud of their uncle, Monsignor
Carrillo. They had made the long trek from their full-time gig at Epcot
Center, Walt Disney World.

Aida Cuevas is a very traditional mariachi singer. She sang delightful
renditions of “Si Nos Dejan” and Mexican anthems such as “Guadalajara” and
“Mexico Lindo y Querido.” She really got into her Ranchera style of singing
to the delight of the audience.

At this point in the evening, it was time for the VSP meet and greet. It was
unusual to meet with Vikki before she went onstage, but it was a unique
night indeed. We got clearance and walked into Vikki’s dressing room. She
was smiling and looked beautiful in her “Mardi Gras” gown! My mom and
sister and the other fans stood and talked with her. She commented that she
was very taken that one of the little girl dancers had asked her to pose for
a photo. Also, she spoke of how excited she is about marking her 50th
anniversary in show business in 2008. She really wants to mark the occasion
performing at famed Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. I trust that this will
become an accomplishment for everyone’s sake. It was time to leave, as Vikki
would soon go onstage. Each of us posed for a quick photo(s) and bid her
farewell. It was really special to know we still had her performance to look
forward to.

The arena quickly got loud after the intermission and Vikki was next to
perform. She walked in from the back with Mariachi Cobre playing
“Simplemente Mujer.” She was very animated walking toward the stage. At one
point she sat on the lap of her husband, Pete Leon, and then continued
toward the stage. Vikki had some trouble climbing the stairs onto the stage.
She stopped singing and delightfully quipped with the crowd that she had
forgotten the words. She paused and remarked, staring at Steve Carrillo of
Mariachi Cobre, “I know what it is, Steve!”

Vikki’s choice of songs for this evening was unique. She mentioned that she
would sing some hits “al estilo de Mariachi” (done in the mariachi style)
rather than traditional ranchera styled selections. I really enjoyed it, as
I had never heard her latin pop hits with mariachi background. “Somos
Novios”, “Esos Hombres” and “Total” took on a refreshing new feel and sound.
She also sang some mariachi songs. “Entrega Total,” is so romantic and “Por
Amor” of course to cap this very splendid time with “la Vikki!”

Vikki received standing ovations and a large bouquet of roses. Although the
evening had concluded, this was only the beginning of her successful fall

On Stage

Vikki Carr


Gabriel Iglesias opening for
Vikki Carr
Sunday, May 6, 2007, 3:00 PM
Lyric Configuration

Before there was Los Lobos, before there was Gloria Estefan, there was Vikki Carr - the first true Latin/Pop crossover singer. Carr has recorded 59 best-selling records over the past 30 years, including 17 Gold albums. Now, the three-time Grammy award-winner returns to the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts for a concert filled with greatest hits and sentimental favorites, including "Pen in Hand," "It Must Be Him," "He's a Rebel," and "Cosas del Amor."

Sue McCoy "Sweet Sue" and our Miss Vikki together!

May, 2007 finally arrived and it was time to go to Cerritos, California, to once again see VIKKI CARR in concert. With a new band, new conductor and 2 back up singers we were not disappointed. VIKKI sang her heart out for two hours and once again proved that age has nothing to do with loving to sing and entertain. And, after her amazing performance on stage, she was still up-beat and gracious to everyone as we took our turns for a hug, brief conversation and a picture with the beautiful, talented and always special…VIKKI CARR. Thank you VIKKI, you will always be loved.

Sue McCoy

Alan Suboter and Vikki