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Vikki Carr Concert November 13, 2010

A wonderful time was had by all at Vikki’s Chicago concert. It was a pleasure to finally meet our fellow fan club members, especially our fearless leader, Vito. It was heartwarming to witness the affection and camaraderie of our fan club members. In no time at all, I felt like we had known each other forever.

Vikki delighted us with many of her hits, in both English and Spanish. I am of Mexican descent, so I had the best of both worlds. Her voice is as lovely and powerful as ever. With each song, she conveyed such heartfelt emotion and I found myself visiting different times of my life. Vikki has been with me through good times and sad times. She walked next to me in all my happy relationships and consoled me with her lovely voice during the sad times as well.

Vikki was with us for quite awhile and after the concert, even though she was exhausted, she found time for her faithful fans. A picture here, an autograph there, we were so happy and so was she. I received the special gift of a hug, quite by accident, when Vikki came down the stage steps. I turned around and there she was! I did what came naturally and gave her a great big hug. Talk about serendipity! Even though I had met Vikki several years ago, I was as thrilled as if this was the first time.

As the evening went on, the love and admiration that her audience had for Vikki was so apparent. We love her as much today as we did yesterday. Apparently, Vikki loves us right back. She looked beautiful and radiant. One of the things that I love about Vikki is her interaction with her audience. She laughed with us and even scolded some late comers who were distracting her and her audience. She wanted our complete attention and we gave it to her. In return, she sang her heart out for us.

Vikki, thank you for a lovely and unforgettable night. God willing, we will see you again soon. I look forward to your new CD, which debuts on May 5th or Cinco de Mayo.

Hasta luego, dear Vikki……

Mikki Stelter Chicago, IL

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Viva Vikki in Chicago!!!!

What a magical night for me seeing Vikki perform here in Chicago! I am in awe of a singer who can capture an audience the way Vikki Carr can and does. Just the anticipation of knowing I would get an opportunity to see one of my FAVORITE singers got me excited.

It was a cool breezy evening when Vikki swept in to town to sing at a venue called The Olympic Theatre. When I arrived at the theatre it was cold, but inside the warmth was very evident. I was not only seeing Vikki but I was also meeting new friends. I got the pleasure of meeting Mickie Stelter, Jewell Howlett, Stan Burcyzk and his family and Sharon Lindy. Even though we just met I felt I knew them all my life.

The way she engaged the audience was warm and funny. She sang in English and in Spanish. No one can tell a story with her music like Vikki can. She also was gracious enough to take part in a meet and greet with her fan club. She is such a gracious lady and a fabulous singer. Thank you for sharing the gift of your music Vikki!

Mary O'Brien
“The SCOOP on Vikki Carr”

Cicero, IL Nov 13, 2010

I went to see Vikki Carr for the first time nearly twenty years ago, not because I wanted to—because Mary wanted to.

It was at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago and it was a true “class” performance, and one I promptly forgot about. Then, a few years later we (again Mary and I) went to another concert at the Chicago Theater, mostly in Spanish, and we sat in the ‘crow’s nest section’ looking down at this tiny speck of color that Mary assured me was Vikki.

When asked the next day at work how the concert was, I replied, “Well, the only words I understood were BLUE-CROSS/BLUE-SHIELD and MILLER LIGHT but the music was really good!”

Still not a confirmed, hard-core fan, I was (never-the-less) beginning to pay closer attention to Mary’s Vikki Carr collection. After learning the words to “Wind Me Up” I found myself singing along with it on the way to work. Before long I was one of those commuting wailers you see in cars everywhere—I was hooked.

Then came Saturday night, November 13th in Cicero, IL. We sat in the 2nd row; the speakers filled our ears; Vikki filled our eyes; the music wrapped itself around us and there was no going back!

You have to see a performance like that up close and personal to appreciate the power of Vikki Carr, and it is something to appreciate. I don’t know the names of all the Spanish songs she sang but I’ve long since familiarized myself with the music. Of course I knew all the English songs. I was enthralled as Vikki effortlessly spoke and sang in Spanish and English and back again, drawing the entire audience into the story of her songs. Somehow, we have got to make sure she comes this way again. I just gotta see more of this!

I know most of you already know the thrill I’m feeling right now about this show (and meeting her, too—my word, she’s so tiny! and so cute!). You’d think I was a newbie or something. Actually, I’ve been in the fan club, enjoying Vikki’s music at home and in the car, and working on the “Scoop” for a number of years now. But that don’t hold a candle to ‘2nd row, front’ and now that I’ve had some, I want more!

Karen Corey
“The SCOOP on Vikki Carr”

Another VIKKI CARR concert under my belt! This is the umpteenth in 26 years.

It was great as usual-the theater is beautifully renovated, the people are all very nice, and it was easy to get to-for me! Once again I had to direct traffic (just like in Los Angeles concert) via telephone from Chicago- Vito on the phone, Ruth driving like crazy, and me sitting in the theater already.

But they made it in time and we had a great seats up front. The show was fantastic. I loved Vikki's blue feather coat and gown and her variety of songs-one of everyone!! As I love country music, I especially liked "I Can't Stop Loving You", even thou she was singing it to her husband.

Then the Meet and Greet went off very well and we got lots of good photos of everyone with Vikki. And I gave Vikki a doll that my sister in law made in Guadalajara.

So where to next???

Dennis Christensen
Chicago, IL

Vikki Carr's magical evening at the Olympic Theater

It was a cool breezy night in Chicago, but in the Olympic Theater it was smokin hot. The venue was full of fans waiting for their queen to appear. We were all waiting for something special we’ve come to expect it from Vikki Carr. When she took the stage she was a vision of class and beauty rolled into one. It was like time stood still for only her. She sang songs from each decade of her brilliant career. How she can take a 50 yr old song and make it sound fresh and new defeats me. What a wonderful night for so many that hadn’t seen this great vocalist for a while. Vikki gave us all she had and then some. It was one sweet love affair between this marvelous entertainer and the people that adore her. This magical evening will not be forgotten by this grateful fan.

Ruth Judy, Kentucky