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Vikki Carr in Concert

May 18th, 2011

Fundraiser for Guarderias Infantiles

Felipe Arguello Hall @ Expocentro

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The elegant Felipe Arguello Hall was the place to be at on Wednesday, May 18th, 2011 as VIP patrons were ushered into the hall while a very talented young violinist played popular songs live from the stage. The ambience was that of elegance and glamour as high ranking members of society where gathering for what was to be an unforgettable evening, in which Vikki cast a spell over the crowd with her magnificent talent and graceful charm. The show opened up with a vibrant overture of her hit songs, and then she walked on the stage to a medley of “For Once In My Life” and “Emociones” which set the mood for what the rest of the concert would be….one could sense the packed house was in complete and unequivocal awe of the legendary lady of song before them….it was a great hits evening, as after the opening number she sang “Somos Novios” followed by my all time Carr song, “Grande, Grande, Grande”. It was a story of love gained and love lost and love given…..the audience, as refined as it was, couldn’t help but to sing along with her. One of the several stand-out moments during the show was the encore to “Total”, during which she gave us a little lesson on from where to project the voice, what better teacher can one have, right?? 

It was apparent that Vikki was there to bring hope and lots of love to children who normally would not be exposed to it, and in a grand manner….a treat for us in the audience was her bringing the kids on to the stage to perform legendary songwriter/singer Roberto Carlos’ signature song “Amigo” which was written years ago for a visit from Pope John Paul II, the song speaks of someone who is a real friend, who walks along the same journey with us...if I’m not mistaken it’s the same song they sang for her when she visited some of the facilities the prior to the concert….there were quite a few teary eyes in the audience for sure!

“Ni Princesa, Ni Esclava” and “Si Nos Dejan” were followed by what many in Latin America consider the ultimate signature Carr songs, “Esos Hombres”, “Mala Suerte” and “Hay Otro En Tu Lugar” all of which brought thunderous applause….then in the tradition of giving and loving, she sang “Cosas del Amor” with a very talented young lady who is trying to make a name for herself in Honduras, Claudia Gonzalez...Vikki had sang this song with national singers during her stops in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and it was a treat to see her extend that generosity to this young lady who was very obviously shaken and nervous to share the stage with a legend, but sure didn’t disappoint, she sang beautifully and both voices mixed beyond words….. 

Another nice treat was the Sinatra medley, which the band excelled on, and then came “It Must Be Him” as the closing number after which the audience gave her a standing ovation….she bid farewell to everyone and off the stage she went….but the crowd wanted more, and so she gave us more...she came out and did “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” to great acclaim….I must note that Andy and the band played magnificently, wow, they really worked those instruments, and what a beautiful evening that was….elegance, charm, eloquence, humor, emotion, poise….and over all, the very purpose to it, hope for all those who are less fortunate….I am very proud to have been part of that audience, and to have done my part to help make those kids’ lives a little better….Vikki will always reign supreme not just because of her talent, but also because of her human warmth, and her ever plentiful dose of love to everyone around her…. 

Edyn Lopez

Vikki and Edyn Lopez

Maria, Mayra, Vikki and Edyn

Yvonne, Edyn, Mirna