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An Evening with Vikki Carr at The Palladium

January 30, 2016 

275 miles separate Detroit from Carmel, the cold morning in Michigan started to change to a very unseasonable 50 degrees as we approached Indiana.  The miles could not go faster, the Cadillac could not go faster than 80 miles per hour, and the anxiety of seeing Vikki was growing as the miles went by…. 

The Palladium, the beautiful neoclassic architecture of the building could not be a better place to host Vikki.  The interior of the venue even more impressive, cherry wood floors, columns, balconies, red velvet cushion chairs, and the time could not go faster to see Vikki. 

Finally, 8:00 p.m. arrived, and as always, punctual, it was announced “...please help me to welcome Miss Vikki Carr…”, and there she was, Vikki, our beloved Vikki, with a beautiful dress in two tones, black top and white long skirt, at that point, nothing else matter, the wonderful venue became nothing in front of Vikki’s presence. 

She opened our evening with “Love Song”, followed by “A Song for You” to remind us where she has been lately - it was like going back in time to the Greek Theater - then she interpreted the always perfect Love Story in Spanish, “Historia de Amor”, “Somos Novios”, “Y Volvere” and “Se Acabo”.  

Vikki took us back to “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” and the always strong “I Can’t Stop Loving You”, and for sure the audience and her fans could not stop loving her, how could we stop loving Vikki when her voice, a miracle without time, is still strong and clear? 

Then, Vikki took us to the story behind “With Pen In Hand”, and the interpretation was superb, the tears were there, the feeling was there, and Vikki did it again.  Then came “Lean On Me”, and the audience at that time was already leaning on her, loving her, absorbing her… 

The tribute to another giant had to come, Judy Garland’s songs came to the stage with a perfect interpretation of “You Made Me Love You/The Trolley Song/Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody/The Man That Got Away/Over The Rainbow”. 

Then, the intermezzo, 20 minutes, but the magic of Vikki was in the air, the time flew, and there she was again with a beautiful dress to take us back in the memory lane to sing “The Best is Yet To Come”, followed by a tribute to her friend, the friend that encouraged her to keep singing, Nat King Cole, and his daughter Natalie, could not be forgotten, with a very unique interpretation of “Unforgettable” that brought tears to her eyes.  And more tributes had to come, Frank Sinatra could not be left out, and “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” showed us Vikki’s versatility to take the audience really under her skin to feel her deep emotions when she sings. 

Her Spanish songs could not be left out of such evening, and “Total” and “Grande, Grande, Grande” took us back to those years of triumph and glory in Mexico. 

The evening with Vikki was coming to an end, and she could not find better song to tell her audience and her fans that “Por Amor” …soy de ti y sere toda la vida… (…because of love, I am yours and I will be yours my entire life…) 

To end the evening, Vikki could not forget to tell us that the only reason she was there with all of us - after almost 60 years –is because of that song that opened the world to her: “It Must Be Him” 

And then, she left the stage, but she left us with a memory of an evening that will live in our hearts for years to come, at the time we saw her leaving the stage and as the low lights got brighter, we really said to each other “there is no one quite like HER”, a true “One Hell Of A Woman”.

Michel and John