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 Susan McCray

Harry Sukman’s daughter, casting director, internet radio show host, and author, Susan McCray, asked Vincent Falcone to arrange and play in trio, the music of her father for a CD she wanted to produce. He responded; “It would be my honor.” He told Susan, one of the most important things in working on this tribute, will be to make certain the arrangements he was about to write, would not hurt the integrity of the original compositions. Ms. McCray commented her father would have been very proud and quite humbled to receive such a loving tribute from his friend.

When listening to the piano artistry of Vincent Falcone, Harry Sukman once asked: “Where the heck does Vinnie find those great chords?” Susan McCray feels the title she gave this CD says it all:

Warm Heart … Cool Hands

(A Tribute To My Friend, Harry Sukman)

© 2007 Susan McCray


The Sweet Smell of Success is called NIGHTFALL by SUSAN MCCRAY

Susan McCray, acclaimed casting director for Michael Landon and his numerous successful productions, is pleased to announce the launch of her fragrance line, Nightfall by Susan McCray. The line, named after a musical composition by her Academy Award-winning father, Harry Sukman, is as melodic as his memorable music.

Nightfall by Susan McCray is an alluring fragrance that draws on the romantic scent of petal soft white florals accompanied by fresh citrus. Refreshing yet sophisticated, Nightfall is reminiscent of that clean smell you often recall from the first crystals of dew drops. Nightfall by Susan McCray is 100% Natural – absolutely NO chemicals. Nightfall is available online at and will soon be available in fine boutiques nationwide.

Susan McCray’s successful Hollywood career came first, yet from the age of eight her passion for creating fragrances with her mother, Francesca Paley, a musician, painter, and fashion designer always beckoned her. She recalls her mother’s advice to “never reveal the name of the fragrance you are wearing.” True to form, Nightfall by Susan McCray has that mysterious allure that will have strangers forever asking “What IS that wonderful fragrance you are wearing?”

Nightfall is available in a beautifully etched eau de parfum crystal bottle with a rhinestone trim bottle top, a convenient purse spray, as well as an all natural soy based scented candle to carry the fragrance throughout your home.

Nightfall by Susan McCray Fragrance Collection All products are currently available online at 1-888-644-4814

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