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VSP Members with Vikki in Phoenix, 2004.

 Above photos courtesy of Steve Brown. Taken at the California Theater of Performing Arts Concert.

Vikki getting a key to the city from San Bernardino Mayor Patrick Morris after her sold out performance.

Edyn Lopez, Vikki and Julie Ramirez at the 2005 Lifetime Achievement Awards, Beverly Hills, CA

BA of the hot group P-1 from Chicago/New York in the recording studio working wearing Vikki Carr's Scholarship T-shirt.

Mary O'Brien and Octavio Martinez

 Vikki and Vito P. Cifaldi, - Las Vegas, 2001


Above two photos Courtesy of Leo Miletich.

Kathryn Robinson, Sue McCoy, Vikki, Vito Cifaldi and Mal Brown

California First Lady Maria Shriver with Vikki


John Kirk and Vikki, April 2002

Cookie's Miss Kitty wishing Vikki and Babs a Happy Holiday.

Mal Brown's Peanut celebrating the 2004 Super Bowl Victory!


Vikki and Juan Manuel Salcedo A.

Dennis Christensen, Vikki and Vito Cifaldi, 1984

Dennis Christensen, Vikki and Vito Cifaldi, 2004

Joyce Steele, VSP Online Consultant and Vikki

Vikki and Dennis Christensen

TonyRodriguez and Vikki

Vito Cifaldi and Kathryn Robinson, Las Vegas, 2001

Vikki fan Peanut Brown

 Gregory Chance of Baton Rouge, Louisianna and Vikki

Cookie Wimer and Vikki, San Antonio, March 24, 1979

Vikki and Delfina Godoy "Peanut" in Las Vegas


Note: The following 5 photos are courtesy of Michael Whalen