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Do You Know What We Know?

Said the DJ on the radio

Listen to what I play

Ringing high and then soft and low

Listen to what I play

A sweet love song, gentle as the breeze

And as clear as a bell when it rings

Is how Vikki Carr sounds when she sings

Said the "Special People" to the music store

Do you know what we know

We will buy her music evermore

So bring it here and we'll go

We buy her songs, the new ones and the old

Every CD recorded and sold,

We will make them go platinum and gold

Spread the news to the people everywhere

Listen to what we say

Vikki's gonna tour here and there

Maybe even your way

The songs ring out, filling up the night

From where Vikki stands in the light

And her star is still shining bright!

 The "Scoop" Sisters,

Mary & Karen



Oh how I wish

I had magical power

for if I did

in less than an hour...


This whole world would see

just who was the best

All would know

from the North, South, East, to West


On every billboard

her picture would appear


with a heart so sweet and dear


On the cover of every

newspaper and magazine

the headline would read



On every radio station

her songs would endlessly play

Every single minute

of every single day


Then I would gather up all of the clouds

'round and 'round they would fly

until they perfectly formed

her portrait in the sky


Then at night

I would take every star

The biggest and brightest

and write out her name - VIKKI CARR


Across the universe

no one would miss

The name that so many

associate with joy and bliss


But that's not all

For in the sky there would be

a huge invisible speaker

that no one could see


But drifting out

loud, clear, and strong

all around

would be that song


For the word ETERNITY

means forever and ever

and to live with out Vikki

I could never


For all that you have brought into my life

and continue to bring

not only with my voice

but with my heart I'll always sing


My teacher and inspiration

you will always be

In my heart

"the rest of Eternity"


Stephanie Perrigo - Monterey, CA



"It Must Be Her!"


Emotions stir

As her voice takes flight

Vikki's music moves our souls

Each performance a delight


Our Diva of music

Has captured us all

To hear her our privilege

To see her our goal


Her grace always lures us

This lady of song

Her voice is an instrument

Her soul carries on


Yes Vikki, we love you

And all these years through

Each song something special

Creating memories of you


You have touched us with your beauty

You have touched us with song

We are yours now and forever

To you we will always be drawn

Kenneth W. Anderson - Monroe, NY



Whenever my heart is heavy

It won't stay that way for long

For you see, all I have to do

Is put on a beautiful Vikki Carr song.


She is my bluebird of happiness

My shelter from the storm

When I hear her beautiful voice,

Once again I fell safe and warm


You are "One Hell Of A Woman"

An angel from on high by the name of Vikki Carr

Who will always be loved and cherished

No matter where You are.

Kathryn Robinson - Fort Worth, TX


Have you heard the news

about the brightest star

have you heard the news

about a woman named VIKKI CARR!


She has a bright new sound

the best there is around

so come on people get together

and make a great big sound.


Please Mr. D.J.

give a little listen

she'll brighten up your day

and make your evening glisten.


Have you heard the news

about the brightest star

have you heard the news

about a woman named VIKKI CARR!

Jewell Howlett




When I drive home late at night,

And I feel a little uptight,

I put a tape on in my car,

And listen to some Vikki Carr.

Vikki Carr, Vikki Carr,

My cares away you cast,

Vikki Carr, Vikki Carr,

You're good for my heart.


I like the way Vikki sings,

O such joy she brings,

No one sings with such emotion,

Vikki you're No. 1.

Vikki Carr, Vikki Carr,

You are a superstar,

Vikki Carr, Vikki Carr,

No wonder you've come so far.


Vikki's voice is so sweet,

Vikki makes me feel complete,

With happiness I'm replete,

Vikki is so lively.

Vikki Carr, Vikki Carr,

You sing with lots of power,

Vikki Carr, Vikki Carr,

Above other singers you tower.


Beautiful in voice and face,

The best singer in the human race,

She has so much grace,

Vikki you are really ace.

Vikki Carr, Vikki Carr,

You sing with such fervor,

Vikki Carr, Vikki Carr,

You are the prime diva.

Joe Sampson - Bonbeach, Vic., Australia



i'm  actually quite picky

as to whom i call a star

but theres no question

when it comes to Vikki Carr


ith a voice like spring

as sweet as candy from a jar

I like to hear and listen

to the songs of Vikki Carr


thank you for the music

and for being who you are

the world is a bit better

for the lovely Vikki Carr

Jason T.  Richardson

Liverpool, UK

Thank you Stephanie, Ken , Kathryn, Jewell , Joe and Jason for your wonderful poems!